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A full life to this date has been mine to enjoy. I can only hope that it continues.

Professionally I work in higher education and have for over 20 years. Although technically a professional I have many years of instruction, both one-on-one and classroom (face-to-face and online) as well.

Before working in higher education, I was in small and then regional business for a number of years, and even before that I was ordained into the clergy. I still hold a license to preach in the state of New York and consider myself to be interfaith in my approach, with hints of Unitarianism, hints of high Church Anglicanism, and of course, hints of neo- Paganism. I believe that faith is deeply personal, and I do not believe that any man based on any doctrine has any right to judge any other person's faith or lack thereof, unless there is harm caused. I truly believe in freedom of religion.

Beyond my career I am involved in politics and have been since childhood. Originally a Republican, I realized well over a decade ago that personal freedom would never actually be supported by the Republican party, and so switched. Since that time I have been, and will remain, a Democrat. Not just a voting Democrat however, an active one who works for candidates and raises funds. At the moment I am a registered member of a third party, since primaries mean little to me - but my sympathies are still primarily with the Democrats, and will remain so.

Curriculum Vitae

In addition to being politically active, I have been an activist for various causes throughout my late adolescent and adult lives. I picketed with Act Up in the 80s, distributed government cheese through an interfaith program, served on the board of directors for WIC in my area, and then in the 90s became involved with several boycotts and with raising consciousness about Gap and its contractors' labor practices in El Salvador. I have fought for rights for all persons and have marched against the second Iraq war. I have organized interfaith vigils for and am signatory on documents supporting LBGTQ youth. I am, of course, a strong supporter of organized Labor, which is simply a method of leveling the field.

Beyond all of those things however, on a personal level, my passion has always been Fantasy and Science Fiction: books, videos and especially gaming. I was RPGA Regional Co-director for the northeast in the early 2000s, but long before that I had written dozens of sanctioned tournament rounds for the organization. I also wrote for paid publication starting in the early 80s with "Threat in the North," published in Pegasus Magazine, and then in the mid 90s 40,000 words of the "Steel Deep" supplemental book published for their cyberpunk style game by Mayfair games. In addition to continuing to write regionally acclaimed tournaments for d20 gaming set in my two game worlds, I have recently undertaken a project to create a choice based mystery game to be published through Choice of Games.

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